Last Shoot of 2014

What a great way to welcome in the New Year by posting a fun little shoot I did just recently to end 2014! Thanks to Morgan MacIntyre for modeling, and Sue Makosky for hair and make-up! See you all in 2015!  


I had the pleasure of meeting Pskaught a few weeks ago, under a bridge on the LA river! Living by his gallery on the river I have no choice but to be a fan of his work, I mean, seeing a Doug cartoon sprayed on a wall just takes me back to the good ol' days! How could you not be a fan, right?! Turns out he's a super rad dude!  Check the polaroids




Road to Burning Man

I was digging through some old photo's yesterday, and managed to come across some photo's I had taken during a 2011 trip to Burning Man (that I apparently forgot about). Immediately I was hit by nostalgia, happiness, warmth and love as I looked back on how we braved the open desert and refused the lack of transportation to slow us down.

Flying by the seat of our pants, we fly into Reno from Minneapolis without the slightest idea of how we were going to get to Black Rock City, but in our hearts, we knew, & we believed.

5 friends and 1 Circus Circus shuttle later, we found ourselves in a parking lot in Downtown Reno hoping someone was going our way. And then, almost as if I was suddenly transported into a National Lampoon movie, a furry RV pulled up and swept us off to Burning Man.